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Do you suffer from frequent indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, burning belly pain? Left untreated, they could lead to more serious health conditions.

Right now, the pHalcon clinical research study is enrolling adults age 18+ who have certain digestive problems, including frequent HEARTBURN, ACID REFLUX or GERD. Adults who frequently suffer from a burning pain in their stomach may also qualify, as this is a common symptom of H. pylori infection, a harmful stomach bacterium (germ). Left untreated, these health conditions can result in something more serious — even cancer.

Researchers are testing an oral investigational drug to learn whether it may help adults with these conditions.

Again, you may qualify to participate if you:
• Are an adult age 18+
• Suffer from frequent heartburn, acid reflux/GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) OR have frequent belly pain that’s worse on an empty stomach


Do you suffer from frequent heartburn, burning belly pain, or DIGESTION problems?

Don’t let it turn into something even MORE serious… consider a clinical trial!



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1690 W. Baker Road Baytown, TX 77521

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