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1690 W. Baker Road Baytown, TX 77521

We are located near the world renowned medical center, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center which is in the heart of Houston and also in the Baytown area.
Clinical Research

What Inquest Clinical Research, LLC Offers To Its Pharmaceutical Clients

  • We offer our pharmaceutical clients the ability to connect with patients and practicing physicians.
  • We offer the opportunity to conduct clinical drug trials in the city setting all over the US.
  • We successfully coordinate and conduct phases of multi-center studies nationwide.
  • We reduce the workload by taking responsibility for identifying study investigations, enrolling patients, and managing all study activities in a timely manner.
  • We provide qualified research staff to conduct all phases of clinical drug trials.
  • We offer promotional support to maintain patient accrual.

What Inquest Clinical Research, LLC Offer To Its Participating Physicians And Their Patients

  • We enable the physicians to increase revenue without significantly increasing their office staff workload.
  • We give physicians the opportunity to introduce new therapies to their patients, establishing the physicians as a leader in diagnosis and treatment.
  • We provide full indemnification to the physician and the practice thus taking away the risk associated with doing clinical research.



    Inquest Clinical Research, LLC was created by a group of healthcare professionals with a vast range of experience and expertise in conducting clinical drug research.


    1690 W. Baker Road Baytown, TX 77521

    +1 (832) 606-2053